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Freight Density Review

Carriers sell space on a trailer. The space your freight occupies on a trailer has a desired cost attached to it. Improper classification on a bill of lading does not always insure that your final freight costs will accurately match your quote. Carriers determine a shipments cost by it’s density or pound per cubic foot. Many shippers receive freight bills that are higher with a notation of W&I or weight and inspection charges. GMG helps to eliminate unknown additional freight charges by completing weight and inspection on your product ahead of time. We accurately classify your freight and negotiate for pricing based on actual class and density. This eliminates balance due billing, past due invoices, and freight delays. When ever a shipment is flagged for a reweigh or inspection, it is pulled out of service and can experience delays in transit. Delays in transit mean your valued customer is waiting for their order and may result in lost business for you. We perform this service free of charge.