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Inbound Logistics

Who purchases your goods? Do you know what you are paying for the freight? Are your terms prepaid and add? Chances are you are paying too much for freight. These terms never allow the PA to fully evaluate freight costs.

Why A Single Source Network for Purchasing?

  • Freight Costs – dedicated pricing programs set up for inbound by customer allows purchasing agents to evaluate exact freight costs.
  • Vendor communication – when an order is placed with the vendor and instructions are conveyed to use GMG, the vendor can schedule a pick up, GMG can create the bill of lading accurately declaring the exact freight classification, dispatch the pick up with a direct service carrier, and follow it’s progress.
  • We can establish a “purchase order” file for this customer that will allow him to check the progress of a shipment by PO and schedule his goods for arrival.
  • GMG / JCI can trap (consolidate) I/B shipments and deliver them when the customer wants them by appointed time.
  • The customer makes one phone call to us to track his supplies, raw materials, or return goods.
  • GMG can work with the local carrier terminals to issue “delivery time” schedules or act as the house truck & consolidate.
  • Freight payment – because all shipments are 3 rd party billed to GMG, you do not have to have a check available, we bill our customers after we audit the freight bills.

GMG can issue routing instructions to all of your vendors and suppliers with instructions.