Welcome to GMG Transportation, Inc.




Our History

With one truck and enough ambition to fuel his dream, founder Edmund J. Giza worked as a house truck for his loyal customers. In 1972 his customers depended on him to move their freight to their valued customers. Edmund developed relationships with all of the major LTL carriers at the time in an effort to find the best price and the best service for his loyal customers. This one man powerhouse started the “Single Source Solution” of today. Those relationships are stronger than ever today.

Working seven days a week from dawn to dusk, Ed knew he needed more talent to help him. Robert L. Radimer joined Ed’s vision as Jar-Cris Enterprises, Inc. or JCI As President of JCI, Robert oversees the equipment, drivers, and terminal. The operation supports our customers by providing flawless pick up service, quality handling, W&I Service, and warehousing services. Robert provides our customers with customized service. Our customers do not have to conform to our schedule; we conform to what our customers need.

Mark E. Buchler joined as partner in 1992 bringing his sales expertise. Mark’s sales career brought customers to GMG that are still an integral part of our valued customer network. As Executive Vice President, Mark heads up our Logistics Department and Sales.

Debra A. Pluchino joined GMG in 2002 as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. After a distinguished 25 year career working for the major LTL & TL carriers in both Sales and Operations, Debra joined GMG to build a sales team, develop marketing tools, web development and to bring greater focus to the Logistics concept.

Today GMG continues to forge ahead with high integrity and high skill. The GMG Network employs over 90 employees all focused on our expertise of freight movement and freight management.